Use of Services

1.1 To use any HavensHost services you are required to provide up to date, accurate identification when registering an account. You are responsible for maintaining this infomation and keeping your account details confidential. You agree that you are responsible for any any actions performed using your account/service and any content on it. HavensHost will not be liable for any loss or damage to your account or service arising from using inaccurate or fake account infomation.

1.2 HavensHost reserve the right to cancel or suspend your account or services at any time for any reason without notice. Once your account or service has been suspended you are not permitted to access the server or any data on it. In the case of an incorrect suspension a proportionate refund will be issued.

1.3 HavensHost reserve the right to change these terms at any time for any reason, it is your responsibility to check them and keep up to date.

Registering An Account

2.1 Only 1 personal account may be owned at any time.

2.2 You agree that any infomation given is legitiment & up to date. Failure to due so will result in service termination or even account suspension.

2.3 You agree that your account is registered for you and account credentials must not be given to another person.

Billing & Invoices

3.1 All services are billed according to the billing method chosen by you, an invoice will be sent atleast 5 days before payment is expected.

3.2 You have the right to a refund on any service within 14 days of activation or payment, which ever comes first. Services lasting under 28 days do not apply for refunds, unless stated otherwise in the product.

3.3 Any suspicious or fraudulent payments will result in immediate account suspension and service termination.

3.4 3 days after an invoice date your service will be suspended.

3.5 5 days after an invoice date your service will be terminated.

Service Suspensions

4.1 Once a service has been suspended access will be immediately revoked. No access to data on the service will be allowed until the suspension has been resolved.

4.2 Payments made to a suspended service due to late payments will re-enable access to the service.

Service Terminations

5.1 Once a service has been terminated access will be immediately revoked. No data from the service will be retained.


A.1 By using our services you acknowledge that you have read all terms of service and agree that HavensHost cannot be liable for any data harm or loss due to data breaching or illegal activity towards us.HavensHost cannot monitor, review or identify the legitmency or accuracy of any content on it's servers.